2020 RV/MH Annual Induction Dinner Postponed until Dec. 3

2021 hall of fame Induction class sign
The RV/MH Hall of Fame is located in Elkhart, Ind.

In an emergency meeting, the RV/MH Hall of Fame executive committee voted to postpone the Annual RV/MH Hall of Fame Induction Dinner until Dec. 3. The ceremony had been scheduled Aug. 3.

“I have had better days, but we need to do what needs to be done. And postponing the Induction Dinner amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic is the appropriate course of action,” RV/MH Hall of Fame President Darryl Searer said.

Hall of Fame induction dinner
From left, Jess Maxcy, Maria Horton, Rick Robinson, Dick Jennison and Lesli Gooch are among the 420 attendees from 25 states who came to Elkhart Aug. 5 to honor the RV/MH Hall of Fame class of 2019.

In the decision, the executive committee believed the atmosphere to celebrate at the later date would be much more positive, hopefully with fewer concerns for health and safety, and with an overall feeling of peace of mind.

“And the class of 2020 inductees agreed. As it is their day, I have spoken with the inductees and the overwhelming vote was to move the date towards the end of the year,” Searer stated. “They all thanked us for agreeing to move the date.”

For more details or to make reservations, please visit: www.rvmhhalloffame.org/rsvp or call the Hall of Fame at (574) 293-2344 or 800-378-8694.