2022 MHInsider Industry Awards

    crystal homee award 2022 mhinsider industry awards
    The five honorees in the 2022 MHInsider Industry Awards will receive an engraved "Crystal Home" award.

    In Recognition of the Highest Achievements in Manufactured Housing

    The third annual MHInsider Industry Awards honors the innovation, dedication, and perseverance of manufactured housing professionals from coast to coast. The team at Datacomp and MHVillage, through MHInsider magazine, are honored to be able to recognize these amazing colleagues awarded for the highest achievements in the industry.

    Our 14-member editorial board assisted in selecting from more than 80 candidates for the MHInsider Industry Awards, carefully paring the list back to 21 of the most deserving nominees in five categories.

    We employed the volunteer efforts of more than a dozen state and regional manufactured housing industry association directors to conduct a vote on the safe, and secure voting platform eBallot.

    So, congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you for all you’ve done!

    2022 MHInsider Industry Awards

    MHInsider Advocacy Award

    Honors efforts toward outreach and education that reach beyond professional position or title. The 2022 winner of the MHInsider Advocacy Award is Dick Ernst. Learn more about Ernst and his work in the industry.

    MHInsider Influencer Award

    Honors individuals who by their presence and authentic implementation of ideas have created widely held business practices and wholesale improvement for the industry. The 2022 winner of the MHInsider Influencer Award is Ed Evans. Read more about Evans and his work in the industry.

    MHInsider Leadership Award

    Honors individuals who have earned the highest levels of industry achievement through their corporate or organizational leadership approach. The winner of the 2022 MHInsider Leadership Award is Darryl Searer. Read more about Searer and his work in the industry.

    MHInsider Legacy Award

    Honors manufactured housing professionals whose overall career contributions are certain to create meaningful and lasting industry improvement and excellence. The 2022 MHInsider Legacy Award winner is Bruce Savage. Read more about Savage and his work in the industry.

    MHInsider Visionary Award

    Honors those who have brought to market the coolest concept or product, the idea that makes the job easier, the offering better, the customer experience more meaningful. The 2022 winner of the MHInsider Visionary Award is George Porter. Read more about Porter and his work in the industry.

    The MHInsider Magazine Editorial Board

    George Allen
    Paul Bradley
    Barry Cole
    Kevan Enger
    Stacey Epperson
    Suzanne Felber
    Dawn Highhouse
    Maria Horton
    Darren Krolewski
    John Neet
    Karl Radde
    Patrick Revere
    TC Sheppard

    2022 MHInsider Awards Honorary Judges

    Ken Anderson
    Amy Bliss
    Frank Bowman
    Ron Breymier
    Deanna Fields
    Andrea Greene
    Randy Grumbine
    Jennifer Hall
    Logan Hanes
    Jennifer Lassen
    Jess Maxcy
    Marla McAfee
    DJ Pendleton
    Leo Poggione

    Take some time to look over the 2023 MHInsider Industry Award winners! MHInsider is a publication of MHVillage and is the premier source of manufactured housing news with a national audience of manufactured housing professionals dedicated to producing and delivering high-quality, affordable, off-site built homes.