Arlington Hosts Tiny House Simple Living Jamboree

Tiny House Simple Living Jamboree
Escape's Traveler model interior

Join MHVillage and a slate of designers, builders and lifestyle coaches at the Tiny House Simple Living Jamboree Oct. 27-29 in Arlington, Texas

Get ready to explore more than 60 tiny living structures, learn from the experts, find unique simple living products and services and “Jam” with us at The Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree at the Arlington Convention Center.

The Jamboree plays host to the nation’s latest in tiny houses, simple living and sustainability. Tiny house owners, enthusiasts and curiosity seekers will gather and celebrate with influential members of the community. There will be workshops, music, film, food trucks and a local Texas vendor fair all in a family-friendly environment.

The Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree is the world’s largest celebration of tiny homes and simple living.

Founded in Colorado Springs, Colo., in 2015, This is the first Jamboree held in Arlington. Among The Tiny House Jamboree Builders who will be present, are Southwest Tiny Homes of Williamsburg, N.M., Leland Cabins, of Grandview, Texas, and Escape, of Lake Rice, Wis.

Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree
Southwest Tiny Home

Tickets and admission for the Tiny House Jamboree

Advance tickets are $20 for a single day and $25 at the door, $35 for 3-day advance tickets or $50 at the door, and $80 for pre-ordered premium all-access tickets and $90 at the door.

The Jamboree includes a variety of attractions. On the slate is more than 70 homes to view and walk through! There also are builder workshops, live music shows, mixers and film screenings on tiny living. Below is a sneak peek of the Jamboree schedule!

Tiny House Simple Living Jamboree
Leland’s Lonestar floorplan

Friday 3:30 – 4:00 p.m.

“Downsizing” — Presenter Molly McNown is an expert at getting to the root of why it is so difficult to let go of all the things we accumulate in our life. She won’t tell you how to organize or be a minimalist. Instead, she’ll offer tips to lighten your load and give clarity. It’s about whether to keep your great aunt’s blue vase, your son’s baby teeth, or grandma’s chipped china. This insight will help you keep what you truly love and release that which binds you.

Saturday 10:45 AM – 12:00 PM

“Tiny House Design Tips & Tricks” — Speaker Lina Menard of Niche Consulting will share her expert design tips and tricks for the most efficient use of your space! This is just the information you need as you create drawings, plans and models for your own tiny house.

2:10 PM – 3:00 PM

“Kitchen Simplicity” — Author, chef and tiny house expert Carmen Shenk offers a can-do conversation on creating delectable food and shares the secrets that make it work for her. She provides a road map for going tiny, embracing simplicity, and eating well – even when your kitchen is small. Shenk’s new book “Kitchen Simplicity” is the first book in the Tiny House Foodie series. It will be published in the spring by H.D. Media Press.

Sunday 10:30 AM – 10:55 AM

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Tiny House” — Presenter Steven Hebberd talks about how tiny house living represents a major movement to address the problems of our isolation, but the way we build and situate our houses makes all the difference. Community First Village, the largest community of tiny houses in the country, is a response to the most extreme example of isolation in the country. It can teach us a lot about how tiny living can be a major part of the solution to America’s disease of isolation.

2:45 PM – 4:00 PM

“Traveling with a Tiny House” — Learn the ins and outs of traveling with your tiny home on wheels, whether you’re planning a road trip or just a one-time move.  The session is presented by Alexis Stephens and Christian Parsons of Tiny House Expedition, who have travelled more than 30,000 miles with their DIY tiny home!

The Tiny House & Simple Living Jamboree is a consumer show, open to the public, but will have plenty of programming for professionals. Visit the event website for further information. And keep a lookout for MHVillage, touring homes, taking pictures, talking to people and having a great time.

And thank you for the invite, Darin Zaruba, to The Tiny House Jamboree!!