Clayton Homes Earns EPA Honors for Energy Efficient Construction

Clayton energy efficient home
A new Clayton Homes model built during 2018 in Maynardville, Tenn., is shown during The Louisville Show in January 2019.

18 Clayton Homebuilding Facilities Get ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes Market Leader Awards

Clayton Home Building Group, one of America’s largest off-site and on-site home builders, has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a 2019 ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Market Leader for its outstanding commitment to energy-efficient new homes through the ENERGY STAR program in 2018 at 18 of the company’s home-building facilities dedicated to constructing off-site built homes.

The Market Leadership Award recognizes the facilities’ continued commitment to providing homebuyers with ENERGY STAR certified homes nationwide.

Clayton inforgraphic Energy Efficient Homes
Clayton Home Building Group
Clayton’s home-building facilities recognized in the manufactured housing category include:
  • Appalachia
  • Buckeye
  • Maynardville
  • Nashville
  • Oxford
  • Perris
  • Rutledge
  • Savannah
  • Sulphur Springs
  • Waycross
  • Albany
  • Giles
  • Hermiston
  • Richfield
  • Rockwell
  • TRU Belton I
  • TRU Halls
  • TRU White Pine

“We are truly honored to have 18 of our home-building facilities receive this award,” said Clayton Home Building Group Vice President of Engineering and Design Mark Ezzo. “Our goal is to continue to find ways to help our homebuyers save money by utilizing energy-efficient building practices and materials that can reduce the cost of utilities, while also helping the environment.”

In 2018, over 3,000 Clayton off-site built homes were ENERGY STAR certified. ENERGY STAR aligns well with one of Clayton’s guiding principles, that of “we will leave the world and company a better place“. The certified homes include location-specific requirements for construction and installation.

Energy Star Home Features Include:
  • Airtight ducts
  • Efficient heating and cooling equipment
  • Increased insulation
  • Efficient hot water heaters
  • Low emission windows
Clayton Maynardville Energy Efficient Homes
A new Clayton home at The Louisville Show in January 2019, built during 2018 at the Maynardville, Tenn., facility.

Clayton’s mission is to provide quality, energy-efficient homes and appliances for families across the nation. The company’s 40 home-building facilities continue to push the boundaries on attainable housing for all income brackets using the best off-site construction methods. Every Clayton home-building facility is ISO 14001 registered for green construction practices, and together in 2018 they diverted over 21,000 tons of waste from landfills through recycling and waste management.

Each year, the ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction program presents Market Leader Awards to outstanding partners who have made important contributions to energy-efficient construction and environmental protection by building or verifying a significant number of ENERGY STAR certified homes and apartments, or by sponsoring a local program that supports these activities during the previous year.

More than 98,000 ENERGY STAR certified single-family homes and multifamily units were built in 2018; nearly 2 million homes since 1995.

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