Freddie Mac Launches ‘All for Home’ to Help Aspiring Homebuyers

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Emphasis on Education, Expertise, Solutions for Aspiring Homebuyers

Freddie Mac has launched All For Home, a new approach to its single-family affordable home lending mission.

The All for Home initiative looks to drive industry change by providing:

  • Education
  • Mortgage offerings
  • Business solutions
  • Insights to lenders and the affordable housing ecosystem

“For nearly 50 years, Freddie Mac has been making homeownership possible for millions of people who wish to purchase a home,” said Danny Gardner, senior vice president of single-family affordable lending and access to credit at Freddie Mac. “Our All For Home effort spotlights Freddie Mac’s leadership in support of its affordable mission and looks beyond today to build the future of home by facilitating better lender and partner collaboration to reduce barriers for those seeking homeownership.”

With All For Home, Freddie Mac Single-Family is working for a change to the perception of affordable home lending by providing thought leadership, educational resources and innovative, collaborative solutions to enable lenders and partners to reach more people who want to own a home.

The goal is to re-shape affordable lending and broaden understanding of opportunities to better serve borrowers.

Home lending Freddie Mac

Partnership In Place with Manufactured Housing Institute

Freddie Mac has partnered with the Manufactured Housing Institute and is working with leading manufactured home builders to expand manufactured home buying and ownership to more borrowers. The requirements for manufactured homes are designed so the mortgages purchased are originated, underwritten and serviced to help a qualified borrower buy a manufactured home they can both afford and sustain.

Freddie Mac’s Home Possible® affordable mortgage origination program during 2015 – 2018 exceeded $50 billion in home mortgages to 262,328 U.S. families.

Across the country, Freddie Mac provided homeownership and financial literacy education to 518,168 aspiring homeowners through its CreditSmart® program in 2018. In addition, it provided affordable-lending training to 32,796 loan officers and real estate professionals through outreach events last year.

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Freddie Mac Initiative focuses on four pillars


Provide best-in-class research and data on the affordable lending market and the Borrower of the Future customer base. The results will be used to advance thought leadership and industry perspectives on the future of homeownership.


  • Host community-based homeownership education and outreach events
  • Provide lender and real estate professional training
  • Help housing counselors to reach and inform audiences such as millennials, women, veterans, people with disabilities, senior citizens and very low- to moderate-income borrowers

Mortgage Offerings

  • Develop additional lending and down-payment solutions for:
  • First-time homebuyers
  • Manufactured housing
  • Energy efficiency properties
  • For very low- to moderate-income borrowers

Business Solutions

Provide lenders with expanded opportunities to enable technology-driven lending processing services including:

  • Loan Product Advisor®
  • Automated Collateral Evaluation
  • Asset and Income Modeler including AIM for self-employed borrowers
  • Home Possible Sweat Equity offerings, rural offerings such as NextJob, Servicing-Released XChange℠, and Freddie Automated Servicing Transfer℠

“Through collaboration and partnership, we are working to develop and enhance solutions and technologies that allow our partners to confidently, swiftly and easily help more people achieve the dream of homeownership,” Gardner added. “There is power in anticipating future homeownership needs so that, together, our partners and lenders can make a positive impact.”

More Home Buying Initiatives On the Way

Freddie Mac will continue to launch new affordable education and lending initiatives in the coming months.

June is National Homeownership Month. Freddie Mac recognizes the critical need to address the changing dynamics in the housing market. The changing marketplace creates new challenges, which require new strategies for the realization of homeownership. Freddie Mac continues to launch new affordable education and home lending programs and is proud to prompt industry dialogue directed at solving affordability and accessibility barriers for borrowers.