How Much is Your Manufactured Home Portfolio Worth?

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Turn to Datacomp for Manufactured Home Asset Value

Datacomp is the leading national provider of market-based mobile and manufactured home valuations. The company has spent decades providing manufactured home expertise, quality service and peace-of-mind in home transactions.

“We offer a variety of appraisal products, but one thing many industry professionals have yet to realize is that Datacomp offers full portfolio evaluations of manufactured and mobile home assets,” Mark Johnson, the vice president of personal property for Datacomp, said. “With the amount of sales activity and consolidation in manufactured home portfolios, the service is increasingly more common and valuable for property owners, brokers, lenders and others.”

Datacomp has a national network of more than 750 inspectors who can perform manufactured and mobile home portfolio valuations.

Interior manufactured home portfolio valuation

Accurate Collateral Valuations for Chattel Portfolios Large and Small

Datacomp portfolio valuations come in to play when an owner, operator or investor in manufactured home communities looks to purchase a property with community-owned homes or rental inventory. Or perhaps it’s an acquired portfolio of loans that needs assessment.

Some community owners will look to use their community-owned homes as collateral for a commercial loan to improve the community or add new sites.

Datacomp’s valuation services provide the portfolio data manufactured housing professionals require to make informed decisions.

The experienced team of manufactured housing appraisers specializes in determining an accurate worth of housing portfolio assets, using a proven market-based approach to value, based on each customer’s unique needs and underwriting criteria.

What is Your Portfolio of Homes Worth in Today’s Market?

Home values have changed dramatically in recent years. Professionals with new portfolios, expanded portfolios, or improved or reconfigured assets can benefit from an up-to-date valuation of their homes.

Ways to Benefit from a Portfolio Review

  • Identify a fair market purchase price for a retail or rental home inventory
  • Determine an accurate value of housing assets for sale, purchase, or for lending decisions
  • Discover loan-to-value ratios and overall worth of housing assets
  • Market-based approach for the most accurate representation of value