MHI Offers Online Courses for Community Managers

The Manufactured Housing Institute, through its educational branch, The Manufactured Housing Educational Institute, is proud to offer professional education and training programs for community managers. This accreditation is nationally known as the Accredited Community Manager (ACM®) online.

In a world where almost everything can be done virtually from the comfort of your own home or office, you can now access the newly revised ACM curriculum online. As the manufactured housing industry continues to grow, so does the need to educate its workers.

Community managers continue to play a critical role in the success of all manufactured home communities.

The individuals who manage a manufactured home community have many duties — from collecting rents, handling the property, hiring personnel, marketing and much more. A trained and educated community manager is key to a well-run property with satisfied residents. Owners and operators of manufactured home communities — whether they are sole proprietors, limited liability corporations, partnerships, corporate entities, real estate holding companies, or Real Estate Investment Trusts — will always need capable, skilled and knowledgeable community managers to continue their success.

The Accredited Community Manager program has been designed and revamped to ensure community managers are current with industry trends, understand federal laws impacting communities, deliver a profit to the owners and perform to the highest standard of the industry. The ACM training is delivered in two courses, and those who successfully complete both courses and exams will receive their ACM designation.

The first of two courses, titled “Course 1: Professional Community Management”, ACM community manager trainingcovers topics such as:

  • Overview of Property Management
  • Setting Community Management Policies
  • Market Issues, Leasing Homes/Home Sales
  • Resident Relations and Resident Policies
  • Communications
  • Rent Payments/Collections/Increases
  • Maintenance
  • Personnel Policies/Procedures
  • Federal Laws

The second course, titled “Course 2: Advanced Community Management”, covers topics such as:

  • Budget Process
  • Analyzing the Community Financially
  • Insurance
  • Taxes/Assessment
  • The Physical Asset
  • The Operations Manual

During the final portion of Course 2, all students are required to delve into their own community, addressing one of the areas discussed in training where their community could be improved. Once the area is picked, the student must then present an applicable “fix”, including potential personnel needs, cost estimates, and an implementation plan. The hands-on approach allows students the ability to address change in their community.

Join us online today to earn your ACM designation. Courses start at $250. For more information, visit