Pay-Per-Click Ads – How to Attract More Home Buyers

Pay Per Click web advertising

Are you looking for targeted web traffic? Use MHVillage Pay-Per-Click ads!

Pay-Per-Click ad sampleDid you know that MHVillage not only offers home listings, but you can also run Pay-Per-Click ads. In fact, many MH professionals use these ads to catch the eye of homebuyers and homeowners. These ads are simple text ads that appear on MHVillage. In particular, they are great for getting out a particular sales message.

Let’s take a look as to how these Pay-Per-Click ads work:

Where do Pay-Per-Click ads appear? visitors come to the site to search for homes in specific cities, counties, and zip codes. Then, they are presented with a list of all the homes available in their targeted search area. If their target area is in a county you have chosen, your ad appears. Your ad never appears on search pages for counties in which you are not interested.

Who will see my ad?

When visitors search for homes in a county where you have chosen to advertise, they will see your ad. For example, if someone searches for homes in zip code 49525 and you have chosen Kent County, MI as a county where you would like your ad to appear, they will see your ad because 49525 is in Kent County.

How effective are Pay-Per-Click ads?

Pay-per-Click ads are very effective because you only pay for results. You are charged only if someone clicks on your ad and goes to your website. Because you can precisely target your market area, ads will be extremely effective for products or services that buyers or sellers of manufactured homes want or need.

Many professionals use Pay-Per-Click ads to send traffic to their company websites or their Sales Center pages on MHVillage.

But how do I know if Pay-Per-Click ads are effective for my business?

That’s easy! You simply track how many clicks it takes to make one sale. For example, you know that you will close 1 out of every 15 prospects that fills out an information form on your website. You also track the number of people who come to your site from your ad on, and know that 1 out of 20 of those prospects actually fills out your form. That means it takes 300 clicks (15 X 20) to close one sale. If you pay 45¢ per click, you have spent $135 (.45 X 300) to close that sale. That could be good or bad depending on the product’s profit margin, but the point is that you will quickly know if your ad is effective and can adjust your advertising budget appropriately.

How much is a Pay-Per-Click ad?

The cost is completely up to you! First, you decide how much you will pay per click (minimum 45¢). Then you decide the maximum amount of money you will pay per day. When your daily maximum is reached, your ad is no longer displayed that day.

What kinds of products or services can I advertise?

You can advertise just about anything that you believe would be appropriate for our target audience. Of course, it has to be legal and not competitive to our site, nor can it be something with which we do not wish to be associated. See our terms of service for all the details.

Can I run more than one ad?

Yes! You may run a different ad in every county in the country if you want to. There is no limit.

How do I pay for my ad?

When you are finished placing your ad, we will ask you for your credit card. At the end of the month we will multiply your clicks by your bid and charge your card automatically.

What if I want to change my ad?

Yes! You can edit your ad anytime you like, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many of our advertisers change their ads weekly to fine tune and attract exactly the customers they want.

Is there a minimum time this has to run?

No. You may turn your ad on or off as much and as often as you want. You are only billed for actual clicks to your website at the end of each month.

Want to learn more?

Click here to go the Pay-Per-Click ad creation page on MHVillage.

Or, check out our video series below: