Question & Answer with Jim Clayton at The Tunica Show

    Jim Clayton Boo Haughton
    Boo Haughton, left, of Winston Home Builders, and Clayton Homes founder Jim Clayton at The Tunica Show.

    MHInsider Crossed Paths with Clayton Homes Founder Jim Clayton for a Q&A at The Tunica Show

    Jim Clayton Properties GroupJim Clayton founded Clayton Homes with his brother Joe Clayton, growing the business into the largest builder of manufactured homes in the industry, with 40 home building facilities nationwide.

    The company, based in Knoxville, Tenn., now is run by Clayton’s son Kevin Clayton. Clayton Homes is owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

    MHInsider: How’s the show going so far?

    Jim Clayton: “I’m really excited being here, seeing the industry progress, seeing old friends, and meeting new friends.”

    MHInsider: Anything new or different this year?

    Jim Clayton: “The homes are larger, more beautiful, and built better than ever. I see more excitement in the industry. They’re really excited about spring season, summer. It’s going be a great year for the industry.”

    MHInsider: How many years have you come to The Tunica Show?

    Jim Clayton: “I come almost every year. As long as it’s been here.”

    MHInsider: Anything else you want to say about the show or the industry?

    Jim Clayton: “The manufactured housing industry is so important to our country. It fills a need for so many people, in that they can get a home quick. It offers, for many people, so much more than apartments or other forms of housing offer. There are so many people in America that need and want affordable housing. And there aren’t a lot of choices. One choice would be old apartments. But there are lots of disadvantages there. Here, you have options for where you can place your home. There are lots of options. That’s really important to people. But just the quality of the home, and the amount of space, and the ease of maintenance. The low cost of operating, owning, maintaining, in addition to the low cost of buying. If more people spent as much time as I’ve spent here today, we’d sell twice as many homes immediately. I’m really happy that the industry continues to be successful and continues to do so much for our country.”

    MHInsider: What does the Tunica Show do for Clayton Homes?

    Jim Clayton: “The Tunica Show is one of the important places to showcase fine products. It’s an interesting place to visit and it’s easy to get to. It’s conveniently located within less than a day’s drive from so many manufactured homeowners, builders and retailers, and potential owners, too. It just makes a lot of sense to have the show here.”