The Power of a Sales Caption


Make Your Sales Caption as Effective as it Could Be

MHVillage offers a space for a “Sales Caption” on Pro+ Sales Centers, Showcased Communities, Featured Home Listings and Premium Home Listings.

Each one of the above listing types will allow you to enter a sentence that will show above your listing. This is a space for you to offer something that is eye-catching, inviting and will get the customer to click on your add from the search result.

Listing captions on homes on MHVillage

Often, I come across some Showcase Communities or Pro+ Sales Centers in an area that simply are not entering a Sales Caption at all. These are missed sales opportunities.

Actual Premium Listings that are Missing Sales Captions on MHVillage:

no captions on homes

Then there are the Featured and Premium Listings sellers who enter a caption, but it’s not as effective as it could be. While “Best Value”, “Great Community” or “Beautiful New Home” as a sales caption sounds okay, it’s not really all that inviting or unique. Plus, you would be surprised how many times I have looked at a search result on our site and seen basically the same simple caption on all of the listings in an area.

Also: If you have one of the more expensive homes in the area, a sales caption can help you explain why. There should be a good reason if your home is priced significantly higher than others in the area. However, browsers might skip the most expensive home – unless there is a caption line to explain why the home costs more, whether it’s on land, is newly renovated, fully furnished or the like.

So how do you ensure you are getting the most out of your caption?

Here are a few tips:

  1. Research: You want your listings to stand out above the rest in your area. Do a few searches on MHVillage in your area. Make sure you are using different language than another seller.
  2. Unique Details: Try to find something unique about your ad that you can highlight in the caption. Here are some examples for…
    • a home – “Fully furnished, renovated home, with open floor plan” or something similar
    • the community – “Retirement Community with brand new waterfront homes available”
    • your Company – “Family owned company, with previously owned homes and new homes in stock!”
  3. Current and Updated: One of the benefits of online advertising is you can update your information at any time. So, be certain to keep the information updated and current. If you have a sale or an incentive highlighted within the sales caption on a listing, make the change when the promotion ends.

This feature really can make the difference for your traffic on our site. It can be the detail that turns a shopper into a buyer!

And, if you you would like assistance updating your sales captions, please feel free to contact our customer service.