Tradition of MH Manager Training Continues

manufactured housing manager classes Katie Hauck Hauck Homes
Katie Hauck of Hauck Homes leads the Manufactured Housing Manager class at The Networking Roundtable in Indianapolis, Ind.
Katie Hauck of Hauck Homes Carries on Manufactured Housing Management Training

George Allen has conducted his Manufactured Housing Management Course several times a year for more than a decade. He has prided himself on offering insights and direction to scores of MH housing professionals nationwide.

And for two consecutive years now Allen has recruited emerging leaders from Hauck Homes in to carry things through.

“This class was started by George Allen many years ago, and he has trained and certified more than 1,000 property managers,” said Katie Hauck, who with her husband Ken runs Hauck Homes and 12 communities in three states. “We took over leading the class last year simply to help out George, carry it on and continue his legacy.”

The seven-hour class on manufactured housing management had a dozen registered community owners and managers in attendance Wednesday morning at the 26th Annual George Allen International Roundtable in Indianapolis, Ind.

Manufactured Housing Management Topics

After introductions and a little bit of industry history, Hauck covers the following topics within the following industry areas:

  • How to get started in the business
  • Information on inspections and notices
  • How to lead
  • Marketing strategies
  • Tips on building relationships and communication
  • Management and turnaround strategies
  • And how to buy/sell, and finance homes

Suzanne Taylor is executive director of Augusta Communities, a California housing organization founded in 1998 to provide affordable housing opportunities for households of modest means. Taylor said Augusta Communities accomplishes its mission through the acquisition, rehabilitation or preservation of existing manufactured home communities.

“Augusta Communities is a nonprofit affordable housing organization that owns six manufactured housing communities, most of which are exceptional places to live,” Taylor said. “We are attending the class and conference to learn about the innovative programs management professionals around the country have implemented that could help us improve the quality of living in our transitional communities.”

MHVillage and Datacomp are Platinum Sponsors for the George Allen International Networking Roundtable and will provide continuing news and information through the week from the gathering of manufactured housing professionals in Indianapolis.