2020 MHInsider Industry Awards

    2020 MHInsider Industry Awards
    MHInsider Industry Award winners receive a personalized, engraved "Crystal Home" award.

    In Recognition of the Highest Achievements in Manufactured Housing

    Commendable teamwork abounds in the manufactured housing industry, including from the organizations that honor great work in building communities, homes, and services that aid in the effort of high quality, attainable, affordable housing.

    MHInsider Industry Awards is a bit different than most award programs in that it keeps to the personal feel of our industry magazine. We built the publication on telling compelling stories from the industry. Often those stories have been about family connections as much as corporate strategy. So when it came to the annual awards program we wanted to launch, it was clear that we should honor individuals for the highest achievements in manufactured housing.

    Each MHInsider Industry Award winner profile is like an introduction, a small bio, and a peek into what drives the recipient to achieve at such heights.

    Our 15-member editorial board listed below assisted with selecting candidates for the 2020 MHInsider Industry Awards, and we pared the candidate list back from more than 60 individuals based in 20 states to a shortlist of 16 nominees for five awards. We employed the volunteer efforts of more than a dozen state and regional manufactured housing industry association directors to conduct a vote on the safe, and secure voting platform eBallot.

    So congratulations to all of the nominees and winners. Thank you for your dedication to high quality, affordable housing.

    Each of the MHInsider 2020 Industry Award winners will receive the personalized “Crystal Home” award chosen by our team.

    2020 MHInsider Industry Awards

    Advocacy Award

    Honors efforts toward outreach and education that reach beyond professional position or title. The 2020 nominees for the MHInsider Advocacy Award were Stacey Epperson, of Next Step Network, Amie Hacker, of Parkplace Homes, and Mark Yost, of Skyline Champion Corporation. Read about the winner of the 2020 MHinsider Advocacy Award.

    Influencer Award

    Honors individuals who by their presence and authentic implementation of ideas have created widely held business practices and wholesale improvement for the industry.The 2020 MHInsider Influencer Award nominees were Kevin Clayton, of Clayton, Steve Schaub, of Yes Communities, and Mike Sullivan, of Newport Pacific. Read about the winner of the 2020 MHInsider Influencer Award.

    Leadership Award

    Honors individuals who have earned the highest levels of industry achievement through their corporate or organizational leadership approach. Nominees for the 2020 MHInsider Leadership Award were Steven Adler, of Murex Properties, Wally Comer, of Adventure Homes, and Todd Su, of Advantage Homes. Read about the 2020 MHInsider Leadership Award winner.

    Legacy Award

    Honors manufactured housing professionals whose overall career contributions are certain to create meaningful and lasting industry improvement and excellence. Nominees for the 2020 MHInsider Legacy Award were Jim Clayton, of Clayton, John Crean, of Fleetwood Enterprises, Art Decio, of Skyline Corporation, and Chuck Fanaro, of DWG Corp. Read about the winner of the MHInsider Legacy Award.

    Visionary Award

    Honors those who have brought to market the coolest concept or product, the idea that makes the job easier, the offering better, the customer experience more meaningful. 2020 nominees for the MHInsider Visionary Award were Cody Pearce and Todd Kopstein, of Cascade Financial, Curt Hodgson and Kenny Shipley, of Legacy Housing, and George Port of Manufactured Housing Resources. Read about the winners of the 2020 MHInsider Visionary Award.

    The MHInsider Magazine Editorial Board

    George Allen, EducateMHC
    Paul Barretto, MHInitiatives
    Paul Bradley, ROC USA
    Barry Cole, Manufactured Housing Insurance Services
    Kevan Enger, Capstone
    Stacey Epperson, Next Step Network
    Suzanne Felber, The Lifestylist
    Dawn Highhouse, MHVillage/Datacomp
    Maria Horton, Newport Pacific Family of Companies
    Darren Krolewski, MHVillage/Datacomp
    John Neet, MAI
    Karl Radde, Southern Comfort Homes
    Patrick Revere, MHInsider/MHVillage
    TC Sheppard, UMH Properties
    Joe Stegmayer, Cavco

    2020 MHInsider Industry Awards Honorary Judges

    Ken Anderson, Arizona
    Jim Ayotte, Florida
    Amy Bliss, Wisconsin
    Frank Bowman, Illinois
    Ron Breymier, Indiana
    Joan Brown, Washington
    Mark Brunner, Minnesota
    Randy Grumbine, Virginia
    Jennifer Hall, Mississippi
    JD Harper, Arkansas
    Deanna Fields, Oklahoma
    Brad Lovin, North Carolina
    Jess Maxcy, California
    Marla McAfee, Tennessee
    DJ Pendleton, Texas
    Leo Poggione, Nevada

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