MHInsider Advocacy Award Winner Mark Yost

    MHInsider Advocacy Award Winner Mark Yost
    Skyline Champion Corporation CEO Mark Yost stand on the White House lawn in late July 2020 following meetings with President Trump on removing excessive industry regulation.

    Mark Yost, CEO of Skyline Champion Corporation

    MHInsider Advocacy Award Winner

    MHInsider Advocacy Award Winner Mark YostMark Yost, the winner of the MHInsider Advocacy Award, is the CEO of Skyline Champion Corporation and was nominated for the award on the merit of his industry representation in Washington, including a July meeting at the White House that resulted in progress on peeling back excessive regulatory requirements that drive up the cost of housing. He also presented for the industry at the Innovative Housing Showcase in June of 2019, and testified in Congress regarding HUD code updates and associated legislation including the HUD Modernization Act. Prior to being CEO, Yost served as Champion’s CFO for more than six years.

    The 2020 MHInsider Industry Awards nominees for the Advocacy Award included Stacey Epperson, of Next Step Network, and Amie Hacker, of Parkplace Homes. The MHInsider Advocacy Award honors efforts toward outreach and education to advance factory-built housing that move beyond professional position or title.

    What do you view as the biggest accomplishment of your career?

    To be honest, I don’t think of myself having one. I do not think of things that are accomplished as big events. I think of accomplishments really being rooted in small and daily things you do compounding over time and working with great people that are the foundation for accomplishments.

    What work or life skill do you give the most credit for your achievements?

    It is a combination of two really big skills that I think of as two sides of a coin. Critical thinking and emotional intelligence. I have always loved problem solving, originally looking to work in or be a professor of either quantum or particle physics because of the understanding of how small things work together so well to create everything around us. I think of emotional intelligence in the same way, we are a wonderful team of people, each with our unique gifts and traits, and when they are together in the right environment and let to do what they are best at, amazing things happen. I often hear the saying that people are our greatest asset, but people are the company, period. Everything else is an asset.

    MHInsider Advocacy Award Nominee Stacey Epperson

    Next Step founder and president built sustainable housing protocols for Kentucky and to work as a pilot-model for similar efforts in other states. The partner network nationwide to promote how factory-built housing can be not just an affordable purchase but a high quality, and sustainable, efficient home. In addition to her fieldwork, Epperson has led and collaborated in thought leadership within the industry including in the co-authorship of a recent white paper on off-site built homes. She holds a Masters of Public Administration from Western Kentucky University and attended the University of Kentucky Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce. She also serves as an appointed adviser to the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Manufactured Housing Consensus Committee, the Urban Institute’s Next 50 Initiative and the Aspen Institute Expanding Prosperity Impact Collaborative (EPIC).

    MHInsider Advocacy Award Nominee Amie Hacker

    Amie Hacker is the owner and president of Parkplace Homes and Boardwalk Properties. In addition to leading the effort to be the state of Kentucky’s top retail sales organization, as well as maintaining great service and business ethics, she is a leader in creating change toward the sale of more energy-efficient homes. She is the chairperson for the Kentucky Manufactured Housing Institute,  as well as treasurer and vice chairperson for the association’s political action committee. She is a trustee for the Manufactured Housing Institute’s Board of Directors, helping to lead the national organization and its efforts in Washington, and also works on the board for the organization’s Education Institute.

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