Bloomberg Write-up Features Perseverance of MH Leaders, Factory-Built Boom to Curb Housing Crisis

cavco reorganizes leadership team
A 2018 manufactured home from Cavco Industries.

Finance News Publication Bloomberg Looks at Rising Influence of Manufactured and Factory-Built Housing Industries

In a stellar Bloomberg write-up published today, the leading finance news outlet takes a look at manufactured and factory-built housing and how it may be a key player in solving the domestic housing crisis.

The headline says a lot: “A New Home for $90,000? Manufactured Housing Is Making a Comeback”, the Bloomberg piece by Jeremy Hill begins.

But read beyond the headline, because the story tells a deeper tale:

  • About the passion of leadership in the industry
  • In regard to the high quality of new homes; granite surfaces, hickory cabinets among the options
  • Toward efforts underway to counteract the sometimes negative perceptions regarding manufactured and factory-built housing
  • With the trend lines; “mainstream” housing prices on a dramatic rise, factory-built and MH shipments steadily picking up
  • How the regulatory environment has improved, and progress will continue

Hill interviews and shares insight from Triad Financial Services‘ Don Glisson Jr., whose Jacksonville, Fla.-based group now writes $2 million in loans each day. The story also features Cavco Industries CEO Joe Stegmayer, who intones “I think our industry’s time has come.”

Scott Richards, a salesmen for Rona Homes in Pataskala, Ohio, says his “whole arsenal” of homes, options and amenities are turning heads and changing ideals.

The piece hits on many levels even if it lets slip the impressive increase in service levels and offerings among the 40,000-plus manufactured home communities nationwide.

Shipments and Dollars

The Bloomberg Story on Manufactured and Factory-Built Housing looks at annual shipments for manufactured home floors, using U.S. Census data. We’ve pulled the same data and compare it against U.S. median home price and U.S. median household income. All numbers come from the Census Bureau.

Manufactured and Factory-Built Housing
Take a look at MH home shipments versus media home prices and household income through 27 years.
*2016 median household income data with 2017 numbers yet to be released