How to Capture Every Phone Call With The New mhvDirect™ Feature on MHVillage


What is mhvDirect™?

mhvDirect™ is an optional service that is now on MHVillage!

We are always looking for ways to help you make more sales. We know that lead response times matter. As such, we frequently add new tools and services to help you reach customers quicker. The latest we are rolling out is mhvDirect™.

You can add this service to any professional MHVillage account. It provides a local telephone number you can use on your MHVillage listing pages. As a result, you can capture more leads and make more sales!

What the mhvDirect™ Phone Number Can Do For You:

The assigned phone number allows you to capture incoming caller information. It also provides round-the-clock information about your homes, sales center or community. When buyers or potential residents call the number, you can choose where those calls go. For example, if you are in the office, the calls can go right to your office phone. On the other hand, if you are in the field, send them to your cell. After hours? You can have callers hear a pre-recording message with all the important sales information you want them to know. Whatever happens or whatever time it is, you know you are covered!

Even More mhvDirect™ Features:

mhvDirect™ also lets you automate follow-up with customers through text messaging. Or, if you have a sales team, you can even track calls for reporting and training purposes. In other words, if you need a simple, inexpensive call tracking program – this is for you.


The mhvDirect™ Line Up of Features:

  • Capture Incoming Caller ID
  • 24/7 Answering System
  • Route Incoming Calls to Your Preferences
  • Promote Return Visits to Your Listings on MHVillage
  • Automate Text Follow-Up Messages
  • Provide Call Reporting and Analytics
  • Record Calls for Training and Coaching Purposes
  • Pre-Qualify Prospects in Real Time
  • Receive Real Time Notification of Incoming Calls

Do you want to learn more? Contact the Customer Service Team at Then, someone on our staff will help you set up your mhvDirect™ account.