Clayton Launches New “Unbuilt” Campaign

Clayton Homes cutout Unbuilt campaign
The "Unbuilt" campaign kitchen cutout to a Clayton Homes factory floor.

Clayton Homes Shows Manufactured Homes Built in 3-Dimensional “Unbuilt” Advertising Campaign

Clayton Homes launched the Unbuilt campaign, an interactive facility tour with digital tools to help educate home buyers.

The new campaign details how off-site construction methods and building materials enhance performance and aesthetics.

The campaign is the result of a partnership with London-based production studio Taylor James, Ltd.

Unbuilt campaign exterior materials and windows

How Clayton’s Unbuilt Campaign Works

Unbuilt is a unique digital experience that animates the deconstruction of an off-site-built home – highlighting materials and features as users scroll through the page. The cutting-edge animations and 3-D computer-generated imaging provide a unique user experience.

“Off-site construction methods and materials are modern, efficient and often misunderstood,” Clayton CEO Kevin Clayton said. “Never before have customers seen such a visual, animated look inside how our homes are built. We developed these tools to provide a world-class digital experience as part of an educational initiative to help make the home buying process easier for consumers.”

Unbuilt campaign roof trusses

Interactive Facility Tour an Added Feature to Unbuilt Campaign

To complete the Prefabulous® digital experience, Clayton also launched the Interactive Facility Tour webpage. Users take a virtual tour through a Clayton facility and experience the innovative off-site construction process from start to finish.

“Our home building facilities leverage cutting-edge technology and automation to gain efficiencies that make homeownership more attainable,” Clayton said. “We’re very excited to lift the veil and show people how this state-of-the-art building method comes together to produce our beautifully designed, quality-built homes.”

Unbuilt and the Interactive Facility Tour are a continuation of Clayton’s Prefabulous® advertising campaign that launched nationally Feb. 11 — featured in Ad Week and The Drum. With Prefabulous®, the company’s mission is to elevate the manufactured housing industry and educate the public about this innovative, efficient and modern method of construction.

unbuilt campaign billboard
Have it Made billboard for the Unbuilt campaign