Ensure MH is Part of Federal Efforts to Address Housing Shortage

Join MHI in Continued Industry Progress on Capitol Hill

Throughout the 2018 election cycle, the issue of the affordable housing shortage echoed in races across the country. The Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), the national advocate for the manufactured housing industry, has been on Capitol Hill to meet the members of the 116th Congress and help them understand how manufactured housing can address the affordable housing challenges they heard about on the campaign trail.

Our consistent presence on Capitol Hill and cultivation of strong bipartisan relationships are working to ensure that manufactured housing is part of the national dialogue about ways to address the nation’s affordable housing shortage.

Manufactured Housing is Vital to the Nation’s Housing Stock

Manufactured homes are already helping millions of Americans who otherwise would not be able to afford a home. And there is great potential for manufactured homes to play a larger role in helping solve the housing shortage in our country. Through MHI’s advocacy efforts, we are ensuring policymakers embrace the quality and desirability of manufactured housing and support our industry’s growth.

And we are letting them know how much people love living in today’s manufactured housing. MHI’s extensive independent research of manufactured housing residents in 2018 shows a high level of satisfaction regarding the decision to live in a manufactured home.

Both renters and owners are happy living in manufactured homes. They cite affordability as the top reason they chose manufactured housing. Two-thirds of residents are satisfied with their manufactured homes and are likely to recommend this form of housing to others.

Champion Home’s Bartow model.

What MHI is Doing On Capitol Hill to Address Housing Shortage

MHI has worked to ensure that the manufactured housing industry’s priorities are well-positioned in the 116th Congress. It has secured champions across government so that federal rules and regulations support the industry’s efforts to provide quality homes at affordable prices.

We are working on a number of federal policy fronts to move the industry forward, including:

  • Working to improve the supply of financing for manufactured housing
  • Ensuring the HUD Code is up-to-date, cost-effective and encourages innovation
  • Advocating for manufactured housing across federal agencies
  • And making sure that Congress and federal officials are aware of the benefits of manufactured housing

MHI and many other manufactured housing professionals will be working on Capitol Hill during the MHI Fly-in next week, with many participating in the inaugural Innovative Housing Showcase on the National Mall.

MHI’s access to Washington policymakers is as strong as ever. We have an excellent message that answers the housing affordability concerns we hear. We plan to continue our constant and comprehensive efforts with Congress and the presidential administration on behalf of the industry.

Be Part of the Industry Voice in Washington

We have found that direct engagement is a big boost. MHI members talking to their elected representatives and federal agencies is an important part of advocacy. Members of Congress and senior staff members rate direct outreach from a constituent to be extremely compelling in determining whether to take action on an issue. There is strength in numbers.

We ask that you help us continue the positive momentum for manufactured housing by continuing to participate in our “Call to Action” efforts.

As a constituent, your voice can help to make sure our advocacy is as effective as possible. Effective advocacy is a partnership. MHI strives to provide the resources you need to feel comfortable reaching out to your elected officials. We believe you will find the experience of engaging with your elected officials impactful, interesting and rewarding.

To participate in our “Calls to Action”, visit MHI’s advocacy page at www.ManufacturedHousing.org, and click on “Advocacy and Issues.”

With MHI’s advocacy page, we make contacting your U.S senators and representatives easy. It only takes a few simple clicks. MHI composes the letter for you, which you can edit as needed. All you have to do is insert your contact information and click “Submit”.

Attend the MHI Fly-In for a Legislative Update, Tour Homes on the Hill

On June 4, MHI members from across the nation will have the opportunity to visit Capitol Hill to meet with U.S. senators and representatives.

The power of in-person meetings with members of Congress cannot be overstated. Legislative meetings are an exceptionally impactful component of MHI’s comprehensive and highly successful advocacy approach. We hope that you will join us for our Homes on the Hill and 2019 Legislative Fly-In.

MHI has positioned the industry to build on our previous progress and will work to ensure that manufactured housing is a key part of Congress’ work to address the nation’s affordable housing shortage.

The approach has always been to build strong relationships across the political spectrum. And thanks to the efforts of our members, we are confident manufactured housing will remain a part of the affordable housing and housing finance discussions.