Community Market Reports Available Through MHVillage and Datacomp

Manufactured Home Communities For Sale
Photo Courtesy of Zeman Homes.

MHVillage has a database of over 43,000 communities across the country. This valuable information is now available for purchase in spreadsheet format. In addition to the names and addresses of the communities, you can choose additional information (phone numbers, site counts, age restrictions, etc.) to create a community market report customized for your needs.

community report map
Map on to order a community report.

To generate your customized report of community information, simply select your state of interest. You will then have the opportunity to choose additional information to include in your report. Once you have placed your order, you should receive your report via email, in a spreadsheet attachment, within a few minutes!

To see what is available go to the Community Market Reports page on MHVillage.

Datacomp JLT Community Market Reports

JLT Community Market Reports are the industry standard for the manufactured housing and include the following detailed information:

  • Identification of communities by “All Ages” and “55+”
  • Homesite analysis
  • Occupancy rate
  • Community marketing programs and customer incentives
  • List of community amenities
  • Monthly rents by category/classification
  • Services, if any, included in rents and the value of each service
  • Latest rent increase date and amount
  • Type of water and sewer system and method of trash collection
  • Other data deemed appropriate for the community
  • Management reports ranking communities by number of homesites, occupancy % and highest to lowest rent for “All Ages” and “55+” communities
  • Management report comparing current year rents and occupancy to the prior year for “All Ages” and “55+” communities
  • Historical summary management report showing average rents and occupancy rates from since inception of the surveys to the most current year for “All Ages” and “55+” communities
  • Executive summary of survey findings and observations

A Historical Looks at the Development of Community Market Reports

JLT & Associates was founded by John Turzer in 1995 when he uncovered a need for Manufactured Home Community research. Since then, JLT and Associates has grown to become the industry standard for Market and Rent Survey research in the Manufactured Housing Community Industry. In 2014, to expand its markets and the scope of its market research and rent surveys, JLT & Associates merged its resources, skills, and market research expertise with two well known and respected industry leaders: Datacomp and MHVillage.

Datacomp, the industry’s oldest and largest national manufactured home appraisal company, has been appraising manufactured homes in communities since 1987. It has gathered substantial data about both home values and the amenities and features of the nation’s manufactured home communities. Datacomp also manages and operates MHI’s Community Attributes System (MHICAS), the industry’s most comprehensive database of community attributes and information.

MHVillage is the premier Internet advertising and marketing website for manufactured homes in Land Lease Communities. In 2017 it recorded nearly 25 million visits to, and was responsible for about $3.5 billion in home sales.

MHVillage also collects and aggregates large amounts of market data about the homes that its customers are selling or renting and about the communities and markets where those homes are located.

Together JLT, MHVillage, and Datacomp now have the expertise and capability to provide community market reports and other market research and intelligence for manufactured home communities that up to now has simply not been possible.

Datacomp now continues to publish JLT Market Reports and expand coverage nationwide.