What is the “Talk To Your Fans Feature” on MHVillage?


MHVillage helps you “talk to your fans”… Your fans are the people who have shown interest in your listings.

We love the “Talk To Your Fans” feature, and we’d like you to use it more.

As you know, our website offers a number of advertising tools to home sellers, community managers, and retailers. We also offer shopping tools for home buyers on the site. Home shoppers can set up alerts for home listings of interest.

So who are your “Fans”?

Homebuyers have two different ways to become a fan of a listing, community or retail sales center.

1. While searching MHVillage, buyers can click the “Like” option. That saves the listing, community or retail sales center to their account.

2. Buyers also can create an “Ideal Home Search” alert, which will make them a fan of any listing that matches their criteria, (even homes listed after the alert is created).

Once a customer is a “Fan” certain events will trigger automatic updates:

  • Reduced Sale Price
  • Updated Photos
  • Updated Description
  • Added Open House
  • A Home Marked “SOLD”
  • Homes added to Community or Sales Center

So, when any of these happen, MHVillage send them an automatic email letting them know.

You can email your Fans directly through the “Talk To Your Fans” tool!

Want to reach out to people who have expressed interest in homes in your area? Here’s how to do it:

Click “Talk to your Fans.” This feature is located on your account page to the right side.

Select which fans you wish to reach out to. You can choose fans of a particular home, or all your fans all at once.

Here you can send an email directly to your interested buyers. There is space for additional information about the home or any buyer incentives you might be offering.

The Talk to your Fans tool is incredibly useful since it gives you the opportunity to reach your consumer base directly. This allows you an added opportunity to connect with them and hopefully sell them their next home!

If you have any questions about the Talk to your Fans tool – or anything in your account – send us an email. We are happy to help!