Internet Marketing in 2016 and Beyond; MHI presentation


A big thank you to all the folks that made the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show for the MHVillage presentation on Internet Marketing in 2016 and Beyond. Yes, it was such a great success, once again! I was honored to give the opening seminar to a fantastic, engaged audience.

Several professionals have asked for a copy of my slide deck for Internet Marketing in 2016 and Beyond.

The file is too large to email, so we’re posting it here so that you can download the PDF.

Click the first slide below to download. Note, the PDF is password protected. If you have questions or need the password, please feel free to contact me at MHVillage. Thanks again for a great show – and we’ll see you in Tunica!

  • By Dawn Highhouse, MHVillage VP of Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy

Large File – please allow a moment for download – Internet Marketing